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Hope you've enjoyed this mix! Renaissance continues to dominate my music world, all the great culture, vibes and energy is truly inspiring.

This mix, Lord, I had so much fun making it! So vogue, walk, dip, split, twist, and murda the dancefloor - cause this is for you!! To the amazing Mother of the House! We love you 😘

Songs in this mix:

- Beyoncé - Pure/Honey

- Kevin Aviance - Cunty (Wave Edit)

- Tronco Traxx - Walk 4 Me (Original Mix) - davOmakesbeats - Kitty Klap

- MikeQ Remix (ft. TT The Artist & Sir Joq)

- MikeQ, Kevin Jz Prodigy - Feels Like

- Rhythm Control - My House

- Derrick Carter - Where U At

- Kevin Jz Prodigy - Here Comes The Hurricane Legendary Katrina

- Duke Dumont - Runway (MikeQ Remix)

These amazing and talented musicians and performers, are the real ones, sending them so much love ❤️

Released 1 August 2023


MOVE (Two Can Play That Game Mix)


Released 26 October 2022

be alive _edited.jpg

Be Alive (The Remastered 94th Academy Awards Performance)


It feels good, TO BE ALIVE! 🎾

Welcome back Queen B, we missed you! Please enjoy this remaster of the live performance, with better quality audio!

Released 29 March 2022


Fall Again (This Is It: Rehearsal)

Michael Jackson

On what would have been his 63rd birthday... Happy Birthday King 👑

Created using Multitracks

Released 29 August 2021

Untitled-1 copy.png

You Rock My World (You and Me Mix)

Michael Jackson

On the 12th anniversary of his passing, I am commemorating the iconic short film 'You Rock My World' by extending the film as well as the song in this mix. It has been a few hard months in the Estate Of Michael Jackson with the continuation of accusations, but we celebrate his art and his music.

I have re-created this amazing track from its multitrack, then remastered it and extended it!

Released 25 June 2021

beat it 38 ann.jpg

Beat It (2021 Remaster: 38th Anniversary Extended Version)

Michael Jackson

In 1983, Michael Jackson, only aged 24, relased the world-renowned "Beat It". The single was following the successful chart performances of "The Girl Is Mine" and "Billie Jean". In today’s 38th anniversary, I have re-created this amazing track from its multitrack, then remastered it and extended it!

Released 14 February 2021


Run The World (Birthday Remix)

Beyoncé ft. Vybz Kartel

To celebrate the Queen's Birthday, this remix is a celebration of a female-empowerment anthem is perfect as it gives out the perfect message that Beyoncé herself would want you to receive. Happy BeyDay!

Released 4 September 2020

jam album cover.png

Jam (Dirty Drum Mix)

Michael Jackson

To celebrate the King of Pop's 62nd Birthday, Jam has been remastered by me. This mix is heavily drummed, hence why its called a dirty drum mix. Long live the King.

Released 29 August 2020


Another Part Of Me (Xscape World Tour: Studio Version)

Michael Jackson

A sneak peek into an upcoming live project – the XSCAPE WORLD TOUR! Coming soon!

11 years ago, Michael was taken away from this world, a soul so kind and so young, gone too soon. Michael was a very important person in my life as a child, he is the reason why I love music today. I have always loved him and always will. This world did not deserve Michael Jackson, but he deserved the world. Rest in heavenly power and peace.

Released 25 June 2020

Alternative Artwork.png

Black Parade/ Formation (B7 Tour Concept: Bonus)


A bonus track from the B7 Tour concept project. A celebration of black culture and a charity single for black-owned businesses. Learn more

Released 21 June 2020


Freedom (They Don't Care About Us) ft. Kendrick Lamar

Beyoncé X Michael Jackon

This mashup really was not planned. I feel so helpless and lost. I really felt that even though I cannot change the world alone, that one day I can have an influence on the next generation and teach them to love. We, as a society, must all educate ourselves on the current events and learn to love. We must learn to love our neighbor regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, or nationality. Hate is not something that people are born with, it's taught. Be the better person, in times like these, we must remember that we cannot afford to hate because love conquers all. We live in a society where the killing of the innocent is so frequent and so heard of, we do not hear acts of good, acts of kindness. This world needs CHANGE. Share the story with your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your fathers, your grandfathers, your friends, your partners, your wives, your husbands, teach them to love, teach them to accept. Because at the end of the day, the “blood inside of me is inside of you”. Say their names, and God bless.

Released 28 May 2020

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